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Month-to-Month Co-working Memberships


Is it a satellite office?

Is It A Home Office Away from Home?

Is It A Home Office
Away from Home?

Is It a Place to Focus?

The answer is up to you. The question is how much space do you need?


Comfortable and quiet atmosphere with an entry code and mailbox service.

Free Utilities

Electrical, water, trash, sewer, etc., are all-included in all co-working memberships.

Free Internet

We provide both hard-wired and wi-fi Internet connections while you work.

Free Copy Paper

Fully-networked and ready-to-use at your convenience. And paper is included, too!

Free Kitchen

Make yourself comfortable with kitchen access (with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, and coffee, too!).

Conference Room

Free with membership or $20/hr. for non-members. Seats up to 20.

Large Office Space

$700 per month
12 ft. x 15 ft. (175 sq. ft.)
2 desks and 1 shelving unit
#5, #6, and #9

Medium Office Space

$500 per month
9 ft. x 17 ft. (~150 sq. ft.)
1 desk and 1 shelving unit
#7 and #8

Small Office Space

$400 per month
9 ft. x 13 ft. (~120 sq. ft.)
1 desk and 1 shelving unit
#1 thru #4

Flex-Desk Office Membership

$125 per month
Your choice of desks in open-seating

Conference Room

Free to reserve for all membership levels
Seats up to 20
For non-members, $20/hr.
The office you never knew you'd love.

Access 24/7 Using
Your Smartphone

You’ll get access any time of day using a wifi-enabled app on your smartphone which allows you to get through the front door.

Pictured here is our front door with mailboxes (left) and also our break room (right) with microwave, refrigerator and kitchen appliances.

Joseph Benton
Joseph Benton
This is perfect for anyone who needs an office space short-term (or long, I think!). Great amenities, super-helpful staff. Front door access via smartphone is really a great idea! And reasonable rates!!
Stephen Pauley
Stephen Pauley
Incredible value provided for extremely reasonable prices. I highly recommend this office facility- especially for small or startup enterprises! Customer service is also prompt and professional.
James Hensley
James Hensley
My wife and I met with our Estate Planning Attorney at the Launch Pad. Excellent business space and conference rooms!
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson
Love the atmosphere and highly recommend this place for your base of operations. The owner is very kind and reasonable.
Rob Traylor
Rob Traylor
The LAUCHpad is a great place to start a business, where overhead can be a killer. Deni does a great job of anticipating the needs of the members and works hard to make sure everyone has what they need to set them up for success. I highly recommend it!
Brie Camacho
Brie Camacho
Great place to meet clients and have a quiet place to operate my business.
Makenna Oliveira
Makenna Oliveira
Owner is very nice and easy to talk to! Such a nice place to have a place of your own to work and have access to scanning, printing, faxing, etc. She also has a conference room to hold meetings which is awesome! If you are a start up business, this is perfect to keep your overhead cost low to build and eventually get your own office space!
Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson
Excellent space available to rent an office. They offer different sizes of offices, there is a conference room to use, as well as a kitchen and printer. I can't recommend this place enough if you don't have space in your home or too noisy, which is the experience I've had.